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Arthrotap is a dual sided intra-articular injection tool built by Accuro Technologies


Improving intra-articular injections by providing feedback of needle tip location and offering aspiration and injection through the same device

How It Works

Operate Arthrotap with five simple steps
How It Works
Built-in Indicator

Built-in indicator has a high sensitivity to synovial fluid

One-way Valve

One-way valve before indicator ensures patient safety

360 Degree View

Easily view the indicator from any side of the device

Gripping Options

Multiple gripping options for individualized handheld use

Dual Syringes

Toggle between two syringes for aspiration and injection in the same device


Provides clear documentation of injection location


Arthrotap is intuitively designed to improve the injection experience through simple innovations
The reaction time of Arthrotap to synovial fluid takes less than two seconds
Press To See
Synovial Reaction

Fast Reaction

In less than 2 seconds, Arthrotap confirms the placement of the needle tip in the synovial fluid
Reaction Time
There are 12+ million intra-articular injections in the United States every year, and of those 20% fail when unguided


There are more than 12 million intra-articular injections each year in the United States. Research shows that approximately 20% of injections miss, failing to deliver medication and failing to provide pain relief for the patient

Arthrotap Accuracy

Using Arthrotap, injection accuracy increases drastically as shown by these two graphs
Our studies have shown that a doctor with 80% accuracy will achieve 95% accuracy when using Arthrotap
Arthrotap Accuracy
Arthrotap has a lasting long term benefit for doctors by helping them learn the correct injection location as shown by these graphs
Correct Placement | Incorrect Placement

Long-term Benefits

Continued use of Arthrotap will further improve injection accuracy over time by providing feedback of correct location
Longterm Benefits
Clinically Tested

Clinically Tested

Arthrotap's indicator has been clinically tested, showing a successful identification of synovial fluid

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